Omakase" is a Japanese word that means "leaving it up to". The Omakase culture is based on entrusting the Itamae (chef) with the responsibility of preparing a multi-course menu using the best available ingredients of the day. The client does not know in advance what they will taste, but trusts the Itamae to showcase their knowledge and skills to delight them. This is the experience at Uni Omakase, a Japanese restaurant that offers a multi-course menu created by the Itamae, who will make guests feel like honored visitors in an exclusive environment of mutual respect, friendliness, and harmony, ensuring they will return not only for the excellent food, but also for the hospitality.

When the team at Uni approached us, they already had a logo, but they were not satisfied with it as they needed a more sophisticated look that matched the quality of their service. Together with the Butterfly agency, we were responsible for the rebranding and creative communication process, and we achieved a result that left us all very satisfied.
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