Sil and George are the founders of Stories Deli & Coffee, a restaurant that offers deli service, brunch, counter service, and coffee. They have been friends and partners for a long time, and are also the creators of the avant-garde catering service "Casa Rodante Catering," reflecting the same style in the day-to-day operations of Stories Deli.
If there's one thing they have in common, it's their passion for gastronomy and their excellent taste when it comes to design. That's why they approached us to develop the identity for this magical and special place that means so much to them.
This place is a combination of everything they have experienced and built over the years, but above all, it stems from a deep desire to create a space where stories are created on their own, and of course, always surrounded by delicious things to stimulate all the senses. This was our starting point for designing a branding that conveyed the stories they wanted to tell through their visual identity and gastronomy.
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